Our com­pa­ny does not focus only on the ser­vices that we pro­vi­de. We are not a com­pa­ny focu­sed only on results, money and our own pockets. We also see the world around us, whe­re among all of the hap­py days, the­re are more dif­fi­cult ones that some peo­p­le expe­ri­ence as well. That is why the Code­lab Cha­ri­ty Team is actively invol­ved in various cha­ri­ty actions like hel­ping child­ren, lar­ge fami­lies, the sick and the elder­ly peo­p­le. We are also invol­ved in num­e­rous cam­paigns to help animals.

We invi­te you to read the descrip­ti­ons of the cha­ri­ty actions in which we par­ti­ci­pa­te. May­be you will also deci­de to help tog­e­ther with us?

Noble Gift
Code­lab actively par­ti­ci­pa­tes in the nati­on­wi­de cam­paign Noble Gift (i.e. Szla­chet­na Pacz­ka). We sup­port fami­lies that have found them­sel­ves in a dif­fi­cult life and mate­ri­al situa­ti­on due to ran­dom events. Crea­ting gift packa­ges tog­e­ther and then pack­ing them is always a very important event for us.

We take care of animals
We have orga­ni­zed coll­ec­tions of food and funds for the various shel­ters seve­ral times.

A sound mind in a sound body
At Code­lab run­ning is not only a form of inte­gra­ti­on and taking care of health, but also the oppor­tu­ni­ty and wil­ling­ness to help others. Every year our run­ning teams take part in the Com­pa­ny Run, a cha­ri­ty 25-kilo­me­ter relay race.

We share knowledge
Know­ledge is one of the key values ​​for us, the­r­e­fo­re we try to imple­ment it on many levels. One of them is orga­ni­zing mee­tings and trai­ning for young peo­p­le who want to broa­den their skills.

Hel­ping is in our blood
Our employees are very wil­ling to dona­te blood and a lar­ge num­ber of them are meri­to­rious and hono­ra­ry blood donors.

The acti­vi­ties of our com­pa­ny do not have such an impact on the natu­ral envi­ron­ment as it is in the case of pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies, howe­ver, we pri­ma­ri­ly try to pro­mo­te the con­scious and respon­si­ble use of ever­y­day resour­ces such as paper, elec­tri­ci­ty or water.