Our Expertise and quality promise

Screen design

It’s about a thrilling user experience, intuitive UI Design. And for sure, it’s also about providing results with minimum costs. For that purpose we can generate coding directly from design; where this is not possible or does not create the required results, we do not only master the high level frameworks, but also low level coding.

Natural Language Processing

You can count on our expertise with voice recognition (mostly Nuance engine based). Voice control in the car is not only a key feature for security, but we do also see trends such as Voice Commerce. Whether it’s Amazon or IBM Watson technology: we can help you keep pace with new trends towards voice based HMI.

HMI for Automotive

We have more than 10 years expertise with the development of HMI for the Automotive industry, millions of cars could be labelled “Codelab inside”. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our expertise with HMI for Cockpit, Infotainment and any displays in cars.

HMI for Non-Automotive

We see an explosion of new use cases for HMI: White Goods, Control Consoles for Machines and Robots, Smart Home Applications, even outdoor use cases for public transports and the like. 2D, 3D, low cost, high end – we are capable to meet your requirements. Please share your ideas with us.

Technology Stack & Verified Expertise

Real Time Operating Systems

Real Time Operating Systems

UI Technologies

Embedded UI Technologies


Embedded Frameworks

NLP & Voice Control

Embedded Natural Language and Voice Control