Your Team was good and has become great. I know we have not always given you the best work possibilities, but you never complained and carried out the work in the most professional matter. Codelab is working with the best soccer clubs out there and for which you can be proud of. You are a very talented team I can and will highly recommend a sw team to other team system providers.

global sports company, supplier/sponsor to the Champions League clubs & national football teams

Our Expertise and quality promise

Native & Multiplatform Applications

We are specialists in the development of native iOS, Android and multi-platform mobile applications, integration in existing environments as well as building dedicated & scalable backends for your business case. Your idea, your application, our solution.

From your vision to deployment

We are translating your product vision into a reliable product. Our knowledge and special tools enabling us with you to develop your application in a convenient manner. We create for you user friendly interface on web and mobile application, implement and deploy it wherever you like.

Success Factors

We are from the beginning, your partner. We are going to work close with you to understand in depth your challenges. In for e.g. design sprints we create together the common definition of your product. We are experienced in using agile development techniques to make sure that all stakeholders interests are understood so that your software exceeds your expectations.

Competencies and Solution Blocks

Collaboration and Messaging

Audio and video messaging apps with collaboration functionality, natural language processing and AI powered features such as chatbots.

Wearable & Smart Devices

We develope apps for sports men tracking, for life saving healthcare applications, for smarts cars, smart homes, develope and deploy the required edge computing infrastructure if this is nessecary too.

Geo-Infomation Services

We use your smartphone’s geo location capabilites and build in sensors for imaging, acceleration and positioning and marry them with big data for fascinating usefull business and consumer apps.

Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality apps detect machine parts, help you to find your way, can detect gender, age and mood of your peers. They enrich reality by adding usefull information for productivity and knowledge management.

Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise mobile apps and distributed mobility solutions connect securely to your your internal corporate ecosystem and publicly available external data sources to raise productivity advantages and ease your daily tasks.

Industry & IOT

Capture, process and analyse your (not yet) available machine data, connect and use it for planning and prediction – giving you a base for wise decisions – we are here to create the app that’s enabling you to do.

Featured Projects

Reference Estimoto

An App that records your journeys

This app automatically generates business travel reports using your smartphones sensors.
Reference D-Morits

Remote Maintenance

A remote assistance and maintenance solution for industrial client support across continents.

Soccer Players Training System

An IOT training system used by the most renowed soccer clubs around the globe.