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We are passionate about automotive solutions. We believe that smart system and software solutions leverage user experience beyond routine car usage.

We spark innovations through experience and knowledge of today’s connected world where a car becomes indispensable part of our modern life. You can trust our dynamic teams comprised of seasoned automotive veterans and young university graduates to combine into an explosive innovative mixture full of ideas and thinking out of the box.


Is it RTOS, event-driven or a “main with ISRs” that you need?

We offer services of embedded system and software architecture and design, software bring up, firmware development, cryptography solutions and hardware development with our network of our partners.

We have experience with many software stacks on a variety of operating systems. Working with us you can be confident that when it comes to embedded – we know all about it.


In demanding world of avionics we provide software services helping to certify safety critical systems. Our engineering capabilities comprise ARINC standards as well DO-178 B and C guidelines.

We take responsibility for the entire process of qualifying software, whether it is analyzing traceability, code coverage or performing code review. Similarly to our Customers, quality of a solution is our utmost concern.


We use cutting edge technologies to conceive scalable back-end architectures and implement web solutions using object oriented and functional programming with clever UX/UI design.

While agile way of working provides our Customers transparency over the production process, continuous development environments assure quality and efficiency expected from a mature company.


Customers communicate in flexible ways with companies: they might phone, chat and post something on Facebook and yet still send letters by mail. Companies are often out of their depth, especially their call agents, who have to keep an eye on all interactions and provide timely and competent response.

We help you to serve customers on an equal footing. We conceive and implement communication solutions with individual support and maintenance services and unified service experience across all contact channels.


While mobile devices are essential part of our life nowadays, mobile applications become a natural part to the variety of enterprise business solutions.

By combining experience from different industries with creative design and deep knowledge of modern IT we offer our Customers innovative mobile applications development services.

We have ambition to create solutions making your life easier.


In the era of connected world where nearly all devices are part of bigger eco-system we bring forward a candle of insight and expertise from a variety of industries.

Whether it is a smart building sensor, a smart metering node, a gateway linking couple of systems, a medical device measuring vital human readings or a big data analytical system we are there, helping our Customers developing competitive products with innovative software engineering solutions.