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Full Stack Developer With React – Wrocław

We’d like you to join us.

Since you are here, we assume you are pas­sion­ate about pro­gram­ming, fas­cin­ated with code, and pos­sibly – maybe – you are a real cod­ing crafts­man. If you, from time to time, feel proud when writ­ing the code… If you obsess over imple­ment robust and optim­al solu­tions… If you think code might be beau­ti­ful and ways to make it eleg­ant are infin­ite…

And we are the Codelab.

So it looks like we fit to each oth­er, doesn’t it? We are IT and product devel­op­ment ser­vices pro­vider focused on the innov­a­tions behind the con­nec­ted world of tomor­row. We spe­cial­ize in build­ing cars, but we also helped mak­ing the planes and heli­copters fly. We cre­ate tiny embed­ded devices which sur­round you in mod­ern build­ings, shop­ping malls,
factor­ies or even in pub­lic trans­port. We cre­ate huge web portals and beau­ti­fully designed mobile applic­a­tions; but we’re also in IoT area and we deploy auto­mated con­tact cen­ters of the future. As you can see, we do a whole bunch of things. You surely can find some­thing for your­self.


We expect this in return:

  • at least 2 years of pro­fes­sion­al exper­i­ence with React
  • very good pro­gram­ming skills in TypeScript, JavaS­cript
  • hands on exper­i­ence with back-end sys­tems devel­op­ment in Java stack and/or nodeJ
  • prac­tic­al know­ledge of data­base design and usage (Oracle, Post­gr­eSQL)
  • high cus­tom­er ori­ent­a­tion and team­work skills
  • good Eng­lish lan­guage skills

And so, we can make you respons­ible for:

  • cre­at­ing applic­a­tions from scratch and imple­ment­ing new func­tion­al­it­ies in exist­ing ones
  • full-stack devel­op­ment
  • keep­ing high stand­ards of cod­ing and assur­ing high qual­ity of products
  • writ­ing unit tests for your code
  • par­ti­cip­at­ing in tech­nic­al meet­ings and work­shops togeth­er with cus­tom­er

And also it would be nice if you:

  • had Agile meth­ods exper­i­ence (Scrum, Kan­ban, Pair pro­gram­ming, TDD)
  • had exper­i­ence with AWS, Dock­er, Angu­lar, Hybrid applic­a­tions devel­op­ment
6 000 zł – 12 000 PLN gross