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Remote Maintenance Application

A remote assistance and maintenance solution for industry clients which is designed to dramatically reduce the costs of travelling service technicians by connecting inhouse experts with abroad located operators via P2P audio and video communication, augmented reality and sophisticated knowledge management.

Key Application Functionality

A web based software platform orchestrates the collaboration of the headquarter based technician and a local machine operator.

Both can communicate via audio and video calls – a recording function is included. HMT1 augmented reality glasses are being used for information gathering and delivery, access to documentation and knowledge management. Clients applications are available for Android, iOS and desktop computers (browser based).

The solution does comprise a dedicated user management, with integration to external access management applications as well as establishing ad hoc sessions via invites or provided QR codes.

Remote Assistance Solution D-Morits

Technology Stack

Java 8 / Kotlin / Swift / Angular 6 / PostgreSQL / XML / HTML5 / CSS3 / WebRTC with Janus / Protractor / Gradle / Git

Technology Stack

Project Highlights

  • Real-time communication (P2P/P2M)
  • Visualization via AR data glasses
  • Web-based software platform
  • Access to services and data
  • Search & Knowledge Management
  • Data analytics and forecasts
  • Robust transport case