Why Codelab?

Fast, reliable results

We have a focus on efficient project management, that results in fast decision-making, reliable project schedules and early results or prototypes. We speak the language of our customers and can draw on ample project experience in order to deliver on our promises.

Quality & Robustness

We mostly operate in industries with very high security standards (e.g. Automotive, Avionics). Our entire processes and organization is aligned towards high-quality output and robustness of our software.
Over 10 years of experience with Automotive SPICE for example taught us how to do it right.

Fair Pricing

If you want to provide high-quality software at competitive pricing, this requires the following: First, no waste of time due to inefficient project management. Second, access to Nearshore resources. Third, efficient use of framework ecosystems based on long-standing expertise. That’s Codelab!

Our Areas of Expertise. Based on more than 20 years of Company History.

Cloud & Web-Applications

Amazon Web Services / Azure / Telekom Cloud / Cloud App Development / IoT Cloud Solutions / Cloud Integration / Scalability / Microservices Architecture / Software as a Service / Security

Mobile Applications

Native iOS / Native Android / Mobile / Tablet / Cloud Integration / App Store Integration / Security / Geospatial Services / Camera & Other Sensors / Online Mode vs Offline Mode

Machine Learning & AI

Data Strategy / Algorithm selection / Natural Language Processing / Neural Networks & Deep Learning / Watson / Cognitive Services Azure / Tensorflow

Industrial IoT

IoT Apps and Software / Data Warehousing and Analytics / Connectivity / Handling of Offline Mode / Cloud Integration / API / Security

Which type of Project Management do you prefer?

Agile / Scrum

The “Think big, start small”-approach: Based on Agile Project Management Methods we start implementing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), that is growing in iterative steps. We apply SCRUM as an Agile Method more than 10 years and have well-established best-practices with this approach.


This is the “Order-and-Deliver”-approach: Either you have available requirements spezifications or we establish such spezifications in one or more workshops. Based on such documentation we devise a robust and scalable software architecture, implement and test the features. Only little involvement will be required from your team.


This approach is a derivative of the “Waterfall”-Model. The Major difference is a definition of testing approach and test cases during the planning phase at the beginning. For our customers this doesn’t make a big difference: Little involvement is required, once the requirement spezification is ready.


Free Consulting & specification documentation
  • Get Free Consulting to get an idea of the feasibility of your idea for a software/APP/IoT application
  • You’ll get an effort estimate right after sharing your spezifications (for smaller projects: Fixed price offer)
  • If you follow the Waterfall or V-Model approach, we can support you in generating a spezification document, that will be the starting point for an RfP process
  • Agile / Scrum: We will start collecting items for the Project backlog. Product owner is from client company.
  • Contract

Prototyping, Implementation
  • Waterfall/V-Model: We start implementing your software / app. You’ll be updated on the progress on a regular basis, results will be delivered based on Milestone planning
  • Agile / Scrum: We will start the Sprints. Sprint backlog is defined. Project backlog is updated on a regular basis. Project timeline is updated for backlog items with Prio 1.

User Acceptance Test & Finetuning
  • Waterfall/V-Model: Delivery of finished version. User Acceptance test (UAT) by you. Agreement on Finetuning tasks and delivery of final version.
  • Agile / Scrum: At the end of each sprint you receive the MVP and we will have a sprint Review with the product owner.

Support & Add-Ons
  • On completion of the software development you’ll receive the invoice
  • We offer maintenance and support
  • We are at your service for implementation of any required Add-Ons

Technology Stack & Verified Expertise

Platform & OS




Frameworks and libraries

Developer Tools