Why Codelab?

Testing as a Service

Our Test Services offer all you’ll ever need: full test outsourcing, team extension with our experts, quality assurance consulting, single tests phase outsourcing. You will decide what kind of support you really need, for how long and what king of accounting model do you prefer.

Customer oriented

Focus on the customer needs and the way how the software will be used by the end users has a crucial impact on the well-tailored approach to testing. That’s why You will receive our expertise in that as a bonus.  

Quality & Robustness

We mostly operate in industries with very high security standards (e.g. Automotive, Avionics). Our entire processes and organization is aligned towards high-quality output and robustness of our software.

Area of Expertise: Test Consulting

Testing consulting done by experience consultants it is what you can use on every stage of your project. It is focused on a matching the right test approaches in the current customer situation. We can support you from the initial project phase and take care to prevent the future quality challenges in your software and help if you stack in a dead end.


Gained experience from many business sectors and different project scale and phase we can support you with the test activities from defining the right test approaches through delivering define test artifacts to taking over the responsibilities for the whole testing process. Our experts focus on improvements which give the maturity and quality results.

Test as a Services

Test as a Services is our response for customer needs. It is response on a lack of knowledge, resources or time in your organization. You can use it: on every stage of your project, for how long you need it and in define period or budget. Outsourcing could be done on-side or outside your organization. Over 80% of our Test Team are ISTQB certified.

Testing Team

Complexity of nowadays IT solutions carries a need to deliver the software quality on higher level of reliable. Dedicated quality teams or engineers who are part of the development team have proven skills to create quality culture and awareness on organization levels. Continues Integration and Deployment is a daily bread for us same a taking care about non-functional testing eg. Security of Performance of your systems.

Area of Expertise: Software Testing

It is widely said that prudent software testing stands behind the good software. Depending on the software solutions you would like to deliver (Web App, Mobile App, IoT) there comes quality challenges which are worth to prevent before the issues rise. Our widely experience gained during the years lets us judge that we are experts in it.

Web App Testing

Over 20 years experiences in software testing with full range of testing activities give us a solid base to ensure the practices which guarantee the best quality of your systems. Our test engineers used to work as a part of a scrum teams. We are carrying of the quality awareness inside the project and implement the proper metrics and improvements which increase business values of your products.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile technology is a trend now. Facing with the complexity of mobile platform versions and the spectrum of the devices on market you need to harness the testing tools which cover all of it. We are familiar with that. The right tool chain will guaranty the quality of your app and will help to save the time in your software development process.

Automotive & Aerospace Testing

Gained experiences with the tire one suppliers mainly in automotive sectors, we are specialized in software testing with respect the A-SPICE and ASIL scheme define by ISO 26262. We developed our own and we are familiar with the testing tools used to visualization, automatization, optimization and increasing the software quality for automotive and aerospace sectors.

IoT Testing

Wearable gadgets work in define infrastructure and development of numerus of coexist data sensors and applications with RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, WiFi connection is a norm. Test Approaches for such scenario should include usability, IoT security, connectivity, performance, compatibility, regulatory testing, upgrade protocols/ devices/ firmware, hardware-software mesh, real time date testing and others. As you see a simple scenario cause quite a few complex test activities which must be covered if your product needs to be reliable.

Area of Expertise: User Experience Testing

This part of our testing portfolio is dedicated to present our approach how we deliver the systems which are loved by the end users. Testing of software is based on metrics and results but this is also a kind of art which makes your software comes more aesthetic and useful in everyday life.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking framework is a part of our workshops with the customers. It combines the problem-solving routes of design with a hyper focus on users. This way of working challenges and helps both sides to understood what the main purpose of the product is and by whom and how it will be used. This approach saves time and clarifies expectations in the early stages of cooperation.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing focus on user centred interaction design. It measures how ease of use of a specific object is for the end users. The human-computer interaction is coming more noticeable and desirable in many sectors of our life. Heat maps, eye tracking, expert reviews are an attributes which increase usability of your software.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is a subset of Usability Testing. Accessibility Testing verified if your applications are ready to ensure the usability for people with disabilities like color blindness, hearing or other disadvantaged groups.

From your request to the final delivery: Overview of the process

Free Consulting Workshops

  • Consult your current testing needs
  • Decide which of our test service model will match to your needs (explore our offer)
  • RfP process (specification & estimation, get our price)

Kick-Off & Test Implementation

  • Waterfall/V-Model: We start implementing test process for your system. You’ll be updated on the progress on a regular basis, results will be delivered based on Milestone planning
  • Agile / Scrum: We will start the Sprints. Sprint backlog is defined. Project backlog is updated on a regular basis. Project timeline is updated for backlog items with Prio 1.

Support & Addons

  • On completion of the software development you’ll receive the tests package
  • We offer maintenance and support
  • We are at your service for implementation of any required Add-Ons

Technology Stack & Verified Expertise

Test Environments

Test Environments

Test Frameworks & Libraries

Test Frameworks

Test Tools

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