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Consulting on the right choice of Operating System

Each Customer has different needs with respect to the Operating System. We have more than 20 years expertise with making these choices: tiny or huge, real time or flexible, microkernel vs monolith while keeping compliance to industry standards.

Modifications to Linux Kernel

While some customers prefer proprietary RTOS due to security considerations or real time requirements, the mainstream trend is to use Linux. If you also prefer Linux (32-bit or 64-bit processor), but you require a memory extension or certain management of peripherals, we can modify the Linux Kernel for you.

Bare Metal Firmware

For certain requirements you don’t even need an operating system. The firmware interacts directly with the hardware, retrieving sensor data, processing signals and the like.

Device Driver, Device Driver Optimization

We connect your device with external components, be it a physically attached external system, be it a cloud-based service. And like with all interfaces – this could turn into a drag on performance, however, we offer device driver optimization in order to ensure maximum performance of drivers, with minimum latency and response times.


We create BSP that is perfectly customized to your HW reference board, comprising hardware-specific drivers, RTOS image, root file system, utilities to configure the device, and may even contain customizations to boot manager/bootloader.

Board Bring-Up

According to our understanding: Board Bring-Up takes a holistic view of the product/device in question, it’s about ensuring that RTOS, drivers and hardware components work together smoothly, it’s about robustness. We will take care of testing, validating and debugging your hardware prototype.

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