Why Codelab?

Fast, reliable results

We have a focus on efficient project management, that results in fast decision-making, reliable project schedules and early results or prototypes. We speak the language of our customers and can draw on ample project experience in order to deliver on our promises.

Quality & Robustness

We mostly operate in industries with very high security standards (e.g. Automotive, Avionics). Our entire processes and organization is aligned towards high-quality output and robustness of our software.

Fair Pricing

If you want to provide high-quality software at competitive pricing, this requires the following: First, no waste of time due to inefficient project management. Second, access to Nearshore resources. Third, efficient use of framework ecosystems based on long-standing expertise. That’s Codelab!

Company overview


Highly Qualified developers, managers and analysts


This is when our Company History started


Lines of code we’ve developed so far

Headquarter, R&D Site
Szczecin, Poland

R&D Site
Wrocław, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Partner Company US
Virginia, United States

Partner Company India
Bangalore, India

Our Areas of Expertise

Cloud & Web-Applications

Build with & upon Amazon Web Services / Azure / Telekom Cloud / Cloud App Development / IoT Cloud Solutions / Cloud Integration / Scalability / Microservices Architecture / Software as a Service / Security


Native iOS / Native Android / Mobile / Tablet / Cloud Integration / App and Play Store Integration / Security / Geospatial Services / Camera & Other Sensors / Online Mode vs Offline Mode

Artificial Intelligence & ML

Data Strategy / Algorithm selection / Natural Language Processing / Neural Networks & Deep Learning / Watson / Cognitive Services Azure / Tensorflow

Internet of Things

IoT Apps and Software / Data Warehousing and Analytics / Connectivity / Handling of Offline Mode / Cloud Integration / API / Security

Embedded Product Engineering

RTOS / Autosar / Linux / Firmware / Code Optimization Services / ADAS

Embedded Low Level Software

BSP / Hardware Drivers / Driver Optimization Services / Video Data Analysis / Machine Learning / Optimization of CPU Usage / Autonomous Driving

Embedded Human Machine Interface

HMI / Connectivity Technologies / Bluetooth / RFID / Infotainment / Instrument Cluster & Digital Cockpit

Quality Assurance

HIL / SIL / PIL / Automotive Spice Level 3 Supplier / Functional Safety / ISO 26262 / Air Bags Test Automation, ASIL D requirements

Test Engineering

Test as a Services / QA Consulting/ Functional Testing / Non-functional testing / Security Testing / Performance Testing / Software Testing / Mobile App Testing / IoT Testing / Test Management / AUTOSAR / ISO 26262/ A-SPICE / A-SIL / ENG 6