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Low Level Software

At the core of our automotive systems lies the crucial low level embedded software. This foundational layer, consisting of advanced operating systems and precision-engineered hardware drivers, is the bedrock for robust and efficient automotive solutions.


Our middleware is the conductor of automotive software solutions, orchestrating protocols and business logic with finesse. We craft layers of software that speak the language of efficiency and adaptability, ensuring that our automotive systems aren't just powerful, but also beautifully coherent and scalable.


In the automotive world, connectivity isn't just a feature, it's the heartbeat. We're at the forefront, integrating technologies like 5G and BLE to bring vehicles to life. From remote upgrades to telematics, we’re not just connecting cars; we’re connecting experiences.

Human Machine Interface

We're redefining communication between man and machine. Our HMI solutions in automotive software go beyond interfaces; they create conversations. With a blend of cutting-edge tech and intuitive design, we ensure every interaction with our software feels as natural as a chat with an old friend.

Automotive ECU & AUTOSAR

Our AUTOSAR specialists bring seasoned expertise to automotive ECU development. Instead of simply creating systems, our goal is to excel in developing automotive ECU and AUTOSAR solutions, ultimately driving innovation in vehicle technology.


Our applications are the storytellers of automotive innovation. From ECU software to IoT marvels, each creation narrates a tale of technological advancement. Our work doesn’t just contribute to the automotive field; it rewrites the rules, setting new standards of excellence and ingenuity.


Infotainment System for Tier 1 OEM


In vehicle multimedia head unit that supports connectivity of external devices via BT and CAN. Provided SW development in the area of System Software, Audio Video, Broadcast, Connectivity, Human-Machine Interface, SDK for Downloadable Apps – a framework for exposing the Vehicle interface for customer and 3rd party applications.

“ We started cooperation by providing the necessary resources in a very short time before implementation. Today it is cooperation in the entire program, whose work is visible in more than 10 million cars.”


Project Highlights

  • Full responsibility over all IVI functions: Multimedia, Broadcast, Connected Devices, System Software, HMI & Speech
  • Responsibility over whole Multimedia Platform
  • Program steering and leadership, direct contact to OEM
  • Timeline 8 years, over 200 FTE in peak

Technology Stack & Processes

  • Audio Video: AV routing, sources switching and mixing, playing and managing audio content: phones, USB, media players, cameras, HiFi amplifiers integration, DSP programming
  • Broadcast: AM/FM/DAB/SDARS tuners, presets, RDS, Search
  • Connectivity: BT/BLE device management (various vendors), hands free protocol, A2DP, WiFi, Telematics
  • Smart device integrations: CarPlay, Google Auto, MirrorLink, mobile applications development
  • HMI & Speech: Qt based and custom graphic systems, screens development, touchscreen operations, language and speech support, TTS
  • Low level Software: BSP adaptations, Lifecycle management, log & trace, diagnostics and self-tests, software loading (wired and over the air), flashing, coding, calibration
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