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Codelab's IIoT Expertise

Sensors &

Sensors are collecting data and controllers are enabling you to react and automate. At Codelab we've got a lot of experience collecting data from different types of sensors, whether the sensor is a camera, captures environmental conditions, uses IR, lidar or radar, detects location or orientations via GPS or a gyroscope.
A State-of-the-Art Time-of-Flight sensor is used in a recent project to create a sophisticated gesture control application - just as an example.

Protocols &

Our engineering-team offer software development in all areas of protocols, middleware as well as business logic, managers, handlers, abstraction layers and others. Characteristic of our solutions: clean, reusable, scalable, portable and easy to maintain. We are experts bridging the fences of proprietary protocols and field busses such as Profinet & -bus, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Sercos, Modbus - just to name a few - to the brave new world of open standards such as MQTT and OPC UA.

Gateways &

The IoT gateway collects and aggregates data from the sensor nodes, translates between protocols and processes data before transmitting them securely to the internet infrastructure. It receives commands and relates them to the actuators. In a multitude of IoT projects we connected things via WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 3/4/5G and LoRaWan in a secure and reliable way. We are experts in the development of gateway firmware, firmware over the air updates (FOTA), remote configuration and management.

Data & System

Which data lives where, what data needs to be processed at the edge, what data should be sent to the cloud, which data can be discarded? We design the architecture for data and systems which are a good ground for running front- and back-end applications which process huge amounts of data. We build on-premise, cloud (private, Azure, AWS) and container based solutions giving your application room to scale. Codelab is your knowledgeable partner for the evaluation of an IoT-Platform in order to find the ideal match for your technical, security and cost requirements.


This is the most advanced and interesting part of IIoT, where the use case meets the business model: services like production optimization, performance indicators (KPIs), Anomaly detection, production prediction and predictive maintenance enhance and optimize manufacturing-, supply chain-, energy management- and human resources processes. We orchestrate collaborative (micro-) services available in the cloud for data processing and -analysis, or are developing algorithms according to your needs.

Software &

IIoT applications are usually living in the cloud and provide dashboards with drill-drawn capabilities in order to visualize the data from different perspectives according the need of the different type of users. Compelling and 'easy to use' human machine interfaces (HMIs) leveraging latest technologies such has touch with haptic feedback, gesture- and voice control guarantee high adoption and an happy user-base.


Machine Park Monitoring Service


Project Highlights

  • Creation of a monitoring service for the surveillance of a worldwide installed machine park
  • Architecture, Implementation, Integration & Testing
  • Technologies: JSON, C++, OPC-UA, MQTT, VPN

The Client

  • A leader in the international glass manufacturing  industry
  • > 5 Bn € annual revenue

Project Overview

  • A web service for monitoring of machine condition and health status
  • Functionalities for machine monitoring, protection and service:
    • Sensor data for temperature, production cycles, pressure, etcpp.
    • Central data analysis functions (historic and real time)
    • Centralized harmonization of machine parameters
  • Embedded and web development
  • UX/UI design for complex analysis functions and intuitive operation
  • Secure data handling and encrypted data connections



IIoT device family


Project Overview

  • IIoT device for monitoring of conditions and machine health status
  • Embedded and web development
  • various connectivity interfaces
  • Stunning UX/UI design for intuitive operation
  • Software refactoring and extension
  • Highest demand on quality and documentation standards

The Client

  • A leader in the international machine manufacturer in the plastics industry

Project Highlights

  • The job was to refactor and extend the manufacturers IoT  gateway device family
  • Project start in 2020 and ongoing
  • Technologies: C#, Java, Javascript, Python, OPC-UA, BT, GSM, Wifi
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