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ISO 9001

Flexible Quality Management System and processes, efficient quality gates, customer feedback management, audits and assessments and continuous improvement. ISO 9001 is the groundwork for high capabilities of projects and organization. In our approach we combine ISO 9001 requirements together with the best practices of lean and agile approaches in order to keep our customers and employees satisfied.

Automotive SPICE

Over 10 years of experience with Automotive SPICE taught us how to do it right. Lots of finished projects, many satisfied customers, millions of devices with our code in production – we wouldn’t have achieved it without an able staff and the right competences on board. With an in-house process base we are ready to work independently or up to customer’s processes. In the past our capabilities were confirmed and we were certified with Automotive SPICE Level 3. All of this ensures that your project will be in good hands!


Having problems with Automotive SPICE or ISO 9001? Let us help you! With a solid experience in consulting we can help you implement what you need in your project. This can be done in the form of external consulting or by working directly in your project as full-time staff. You specify your needs and we adjust to your ways of working and project set-up.

What our
clients say
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Qual­ity Assurance

“ASPICE support was requested by us and given as agreed. Experience from former projects were introduced. What is good, is that the consultant was looking for weaknesses in our process and tried to solve these issues with our team. Always on time available in meetings, quickly available for questions, support and discussions, able to support us in Polish, English and German, which made some discussions easier.”


Global automotive supplier

Qual­ity Assurance

"Inżynierowie ds. jakości oprogramowania z Codelab mają pozytywne podejście do projektu i reagują na potrzeby z nim związane. Komunikacja i współpraca z nami przebiega regularnie i rzetelnie, konsultanci działają profesjonalnie.”


1st tier leading Automotive Systems provider

Featured Projects

Infotainment system for 1st tier leading Automotive Systems provider


In one of the automotive infotainment embedded projects, the contractual requirements were to be compliant with Automotive SPICE Level 3. Tailoring of the generic Automotive SPICE processes to project’s needs was supported by the Codelab’s quality engineers. Thanks to their expertise, the project processes were established, a specific Quality Assurance Strategy – developed and implemented, and a convenient plan was built. The fulfilling of quality requirements and expectations of both: customer and Codelab were secured.

Key Elements

  • Tailoring of the generic Automotive SPICE processes to Project’s needs; from managerial and engineering to supporting process areas
  • Establishing convenient QA Strategy and QA Plan that include constructive (preventive and proactive) and analytical (diagnostics and retrospective) aspects of quality assurance
  • Independent expertise about quality of work products and way of work
  • Monitoring metrics that matter
  • Tracking and solving the issues and non-conformances
  • Performing audits and assessments towards different norms and standards, like Automotive SPICE and ISO 9001:2015
  • Spreading Quality Awareness in the project via trainings, mentoring and coaching sessions
  • Proposing and deploying new quality practices
  • Indicating areas of improvements
  • Facilitating workshops and retrospectives

Technology Stack

  • Automotive SPICE
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Eclipse Process Framework

Project Highlights

  • Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3 from the scratch; proven by the external Automotive SPICE Assessors and Customer
  • Multiple audits and assessments (internal and external); all of them end by stating our compliance to ISO9001:2015, Automotive SPICE Extended HIS-Scope and company’s project processes
  • High level of satisfaction of our customer

“ Having the possibility of implementing or adding Codelab's quality way of thinking and our process-oriented style to the project’s mix was challenging upfront, full of experiences later, and is giving expected results nowadays. Our quality engineers support the project staff with their knowledge, expertise, analysis, critical eyes and facilitation skills, and because of proper people with awesome attitude are involved in the undertaking, the cooperation is pleasant and produced adequate outcomes. That's the way we do it in Codelab and to be honest - I'm proud of my colleagues.”

Qual­ity Assurance

Krzysztof Musiał

Quality Consultant


Quality and technical consulting for signal processing device for head unit


The scope of the project was to help implement Automotive SPICE in the customer’s project. This was done by working first in consultancy mode and then as internal project members. Codelab engineers supported the client in two main areas: software processes definition and requirements engineering. In the end the customer was prepared for the Automotive SPICE external assessment that was conducted with a desired outcome.

Key Elements

  • Adjusting customer processes so that they comply with Automotive SPICE requirements
  • Answering all customer’s hot questions and open topics regarding Automotive SPICE
  • Establishing convenient QA Strategy and QA Plan
  • Special focus on requirements engineering – both process adjustment as well as technical work with requirements
  • Facilitating workshops and retrospectives
  • Performing gap analysis, assessments, indicating areas of improvement
  • Spreading Quality Awareness in the project via trainings, mentoring and coaching sessions
  • Preparation for external Automotive SPICE assessment

Technology Stack

  • Automotive SPICE
  • IBM Jazz

Project Highlights

  • High level of satisfaction of our customer
  • Process adjusted to meet Automotive SPICE level 2 (proven by the external Automotive SPICE assessment)
  • Support in the topic of Requirements management

“ It is always a great thing to see that our expertise helps our customers develop and thrive. Our consultants did their best and used their knowledge to implement the best quality practices and technical knowledge for the benefit of the project.”

Qual­ity Assurance

Anna Orecka

Quality Consultant


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