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fast, reliable results

We  focus on efficient project management, that results in fast decision-making, reliable project schedules and early results or prototypes. We speak the language of our customers and can draw on ample project experience in order to deliver our promises.

quality & robustness

We mostly operate in industries with very high security standards (e.g. Automotive, Avionics). Our entire pro cesses and organization are aligned towards high-quality output and robustness of our software.

fair pricing

If you want to provide high-quality software at competitive pricing, this requires the following: First, time wasted due to inefficient project management. Secondly, access to Nearshore resources. Thirdly, efficient use of framework ecosystems based on long-standing expertise. That’s Codelab!

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our areas
of expertise

Cloud & Web

Build with & upon Amazon Web Services / Azure / Telekom Cloud / Cloud App Development / IoT Cloud Solutions / Cloud Integration / Scalability / Microservices Architecture / Software as a Service / Security

Mobile Applications

Native iOS / Native Android / Mobile / Tablet / Cloud Integration / App and Play Store Integration / Security / Geospatial Services / Camera & Other Sensors / Online Mode vs Offline Mode

Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Data Strategy / Algorithm selection / Natural Language Processing / Neural Networks & Deep Learning / Watson / Cognitive Services Azure / Tensorflow

Internet of Things

IoT Apps and Software / Data Warehousing and Analytics / Connectivity / Handling of Offline Mode / Cloud Integration / API / Security

Embedded Product

RTOS / Autosar / Linux / Firmware / Code Optimization Services / ADAS

Embedded Low
Level Software

BSP / Hardware Drivers / Driver Optimization Services / Video Data Analysis / Machine Learning / Optimization of CPU Usage / Autonomous Driving

Embedded Human
Machine Interface

HMI / Connectivity Technologies / Bluetooth / RFID / Infotainment / Instrument Cluster & Digital Cockpit

Quality Assurance

HIL / SIL / PIL / Automotive Spice Level 3 Supplier / Functional Safety / ISO 26262 / Air Bags Test Automation, ASIL D requirements

Test Engineering

Test as a Services / QA Consulting/ Functional Testing / Non-functional testing / Security Testing / Performance Testing / Software Testing / Mobile App Testing / IoT Testing / Test Management / AUTOSAR / ISO 26262/ A-SPICE / A-SIL / ENG 6


Headquater, R&D Site

Szczecin, Poland


Wrocław, Poland


Berlin, Germany

Partner Company US

Virginia, United States

Partner Company

India Bangalore, India


R&D Sites


Years Experience




Active Projects


Million cars Worldwide

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These are some of the clients who have trusted
us to realize their projects.

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What our clients
say about us?


“ Your Team was good and has become great. I know we have not always giv­en you the best work pos­sib­il­it­ies, but you nev­er com­plained and car­ried out the work in the most pro­fes­sion­al mat­ter. Codelab is work­ing with the best soc­cer clubs out there and for which you can be proud of. You are a very tal­en­ted team I can and will highly recom­mend a SW team to oth­er team sys­tem providers.”


Global Sports Company, Supplier

Sponsor to the Champions League Clubs & National Football Teams


“ASPICE sup­port was reques­ted by us and giv­en as agreed. Exper­i­ence from former pro­jects were intro­duced. What is good, is that the con­sult­ant was look­ing for weak­nesses in our pro­cess and tried to solve these issues with our team. Always on time avail­able in meet­ings, quickly avail­able for ques­tions, sup­port and dis­cus­sions, able to sup­port us in Pol­ish, Eng­lish and Ger­man, which made some dis­cus­sions easier.”


Global automotive supplier

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Some of the technologies we use

  • windows

Featured Projects

Soc­cer Play­er Train­ing System

A system for tracking user’s (athletes) performance during training including heart rate, speed, acceleration, position and much more
Soc­cer Play­er Train­ing System

Remote Main­ten­ance Application

A remote assistance and maintenance solution for industry clients.
Remote Main­ten­ance Application

Real Estate Portal Immoscout24

Real Estate Portal Immoscout24Long lasting cooperation resulted in the development of several products integrated into the portal.
Real Estate Portal Immoscout24
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