We like pro­jects like this. We like sha­ring know­led­ge, pre­fe­ra­bly hands-on, in work­shops. AppLa­bo, which is aimed at stu­dents, is one such pro­ject — we’ve been a part­ner in this pro­gram for seve­ral years. What was the topic of the last edition?

AppLa­bo is a pro­gram­ming course/academy run by West Pome­ra­nian Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­no­lo­gy and sup­por­ted by Szcze­cin-based softwa­re houses. The cour­se is inten­ded for stu­dents and teaches how to cre­ate appli­ca­tions for the Andro­id envi­ron­ment. In this year’s edi­tion, our experts Seba­stian Wie­czo­rek and Radek Olej­nik con­duc­ted clas­ses on data sto­ra­ge in the Andro­id environment.

In pre­vio­us years, the clas­ses were in the offli­ne form. This year, as with most of our pro­jects we had to chan­ge the for­mu­la as the onli­ne clas­ses, which was quite a chal­len­ge.
The feed­back we rece­ived from par­ti­ci­pants leads us to belie­ve that the con­tent and for­mat of the cour­se reached at least some of the stu­dents, which makes us very happy.

We can’t wait for the next edi­tion, after all it’s a gre­at chan­ge from the cur­rent pro­jects, but also a moti­va­tion to orga­ni­ze our know­led­ge. We can pass it on to young pro­gram­ming adepts in the best possi­ble way in the spi­rit of #weknow — after all, some of them will pro­ba­bly end up at Code­lab one day — with this hope we said good­bye to the participants.