The auto­mo­ti­ve indu­stry is get­ting more and more com­plex eve­ry day. All com­pa­nies, never­the­less if OEMs or Tie­r’s, are ope­ra­ting in VUCA (Vola­ti­le, Uncer­ta­in, Com­plex and Ambi­gu­ous) world. The sys­tems that we build are the softwa­re-based ones and what we know is that sco­pe, risks, depen­den­cies betwe­en com­po­nents, deve­lop­ment and mana­ge­ment costs are sky-roc­ke­ting. As the expec­ta­tions and mar­ket pressure.

The question is: can we do any­thing abo­ut it? Is imple­men­ting Auto­mo­ti­ve SPI­CE worth the effort? May­be local pro­ces­ses are bet­ter? May­be cre­ating well-defi­ned, refi­ned and gold pla­ted pro­ces­ses will be the most opti­mal appro­ach? Or may­be you “do” agi­le and the­re is no pla­ce for such thing like “Auto­mo­ti­ve SPI­CE”, becau­se “spi­ces” kill your agility?
During the ses­sion, we will focus on the bene­fits and chal­len­ges lin­ked to Auto­mo­ti­ve SPI­CE deploy­ment. Some myths will be busted, some tips will be given, some questions will be answe­red.

The ses­sion will be hosted by Krzysz­tof Musial, Lead Quali­ty Con­sul­tant at Code­lab, who is respon­si­ble for the deve­lop­ment of many suc­cess­ful Quali­ty Assu­ran­ce stra­te­gies based on Auto­mo­ti­ve SPI­CE processes.

The event is part of the Elec­tri­fi­ca­tion of Auto­mo­ti­ve & Trans­por­ta­tion onli­ne con­fe­ren­ce orga­ni­zed with part­ners by Avnet Sili­ca, which will pro­vi­de the latest upda­tes abo­ut bat­te­ry mana­ge­ment sys­tems, auxi­lia­ry dri­ve sys­tems fans and pumps, main trac­tion inver­ter, onbo­ard char­ger, power elec­tro­nics, security&safety solu­tions and new inno­va­ti­ve semi­con­duc­tor solu­tions for 48V mild hybrid vehic­les, ℗HEVs, BEVs, trucks, mate­rial han­dling vehic­les and e‑bikes.