If you are a small com­pa­ny, you pro­ba­bly won’t face this pro­blem, as eve­ry­one knows the­ir streng­ths and weak­nes­ses. We need a PHP deve­lo­per? That’s a job for Kowal­ski – eve­ry­one knows this. Web deve­lop­ment pro­ject? Nowak will deal with it. The pro­blem ari­ses when the­re are more ava­ila­ble reso­ur­ces. I mean so many ava­ila­ble deve­lo­pers, that a sin­gle mind is una­ble to track the­ir streng­ths and weak­nes­ses. In com­pa­nies like ours with ~200 employ­ees it would be more dif­fi­cult to answer the staf­fing question stra­ight away. Or would it? 😊

In Code­lab we don’t have this pro­blem thanks to a tool we deve­lo­ped inter­nal­ly. We call it bri­ght­Ma­trix and it serves us a pur­po­se of com­pe­ten­ce trac­king and CV han­dling. How does it work?

Use Case nr 1

Let’s say our custo­mer calls us and says he needs a C++ deve­lo­per with a know­led­ge of Matlab and CAN pro­to­col for an auto­mo­ti­ve pro­ject. Of cour­se, he needs them as soon as possi­ble 😊 Within 3 clicks of a mouse (1 per each com­pe­ten­ce) I can get a list of all employ­ees who have the desi­red com­pe­ten­cies. With addi­tio­nal two clicks I can get the­ir CVs.

Use Case nr 2

I need to gene­ra­te CVs of deve­lo­pers for accep­tan­ce to our customer.

I can gene­ra­te CVs for a given pro­fi­le or selec­ted CVs from my team.

Aga­in, not more than 3 clicks of a mouse and I have them in my down­lo­ad folder.

Use case nr 3

I want to know which com­pe­ten­cies my employ­ees have. I can see the tree of com­pe­ten­cies for each of my employ­ees. Each com­pe­ten­ce is rated in a 1–5 scale.

Use case nr 4

I want to know the sta­ti­stics of my team. Which com­pe­ten­cies have grown, which com­pe­ten­cies were lost? What is the main strength of my team? What com­pe­ten­cies on ave­ra­ge do my employ­ees have? It is the­re within one click.

Use case nr 5, 6, 7, 8….

If I gave all of the use cases no one would read till the end 😊 The bot­tom line is – witho­ut this tool we would have hard time fin­ding the right people for a given pro­ject. With bri­ght­Ma­trix, it’s easy peasy and we are able to answer our staf­fing requ­ests very efficiently.

And how do you deal with staf­fing requ­ests in your company?