Do you know that you can change career paths in Codelab? Have a look at Damian’s exper­i­ence who star­ted first as a soft­ware test­er and then became a soft­ware engineer. 

My jour­ney with Codelab began back when I was on the second year of my col­lege – I was hired as a test engin­eer. It was my first con­tact (exclud­ing col­lege) with work­ing in IT. I got into the auto­mot­ive pro­ject, it con­sisted of per­form­ing tests on embed­ded device. The pro­ject was inter­est­ing – thanks to that and to very help­ful people in the pro­ject I “soaked in” quickly. Except for doing manu­al tests there was a need to write auto­mated tests from time to time, which gave me a lot of sat­is­fac­tion – this, and the fact that from the begin­ning of my stud­ies I was drawn to pro­gram­ming, pushed me towards the decision to change my career path – from test­er to programmer. 

there was no beat­ing around the bush, just from the begin­ning only the specifics

I informed my man­ager about my decision and her reac­tion sur­prised me very pos­it­ively – she replied that she would try to find me a “ment­or” as soon as pos­sible, under whose aus­pices I would per­form the task in C++. Not even a week went by and I was assigned to a very exper­i­enced pro­gram­mer. The task I was giv­en was to cre­ate a cus­tom SQL-based data­base engine using mainly the mech­an­isms of the object-ori­ented paradigm in C++. My ment­or gave me pos­it­ive feed­back on the code I wrote, which ulti­mately opened the door to a career as a pro­gram­mer. In gen­er­al, I am very pleased that the com­pany is open to the decisions of employ­ees such as mine – there was no beat­ing around the bush, just from the begin­ning only the specifics. 

This is how I became a soft­ware engin­eer in a few months (not count­ing the time spent wait­ing for a suit­able pro­ject). In my cur­rent pro­ject, I am writ­ing, debug­ging, modi­fy­ing scripts writ­ten in Python whose task is to pro­cess a large amount of data…